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Suzanne Burnham-Evans Founder and owner of Yoga 4 U    Welcome
YOGA 4 U was founded in  the year of 2000. What a wonderful time to bring yoga to everyone looking for new beginnings and changes.  These changes are on going in all of us all the time, and as the years progress we often find obstacles along the way. Let Suzanne guide you through Yoga, meditation, and breath-work to find strength and balance. Encouraging body awareness by synchronizing movement with the breath and correct alignment.

  Yoga practice is exactly that, practice and with time  it will lengthen your bodies muscular structure.  Stretching through the asanas (postures)  you will realize tone and find a release of tensions. Enhancing the Chakras (bodies energy system) through the postures also helps to open all 7 chakras, while giving you a sense of well-being. 

YOGA 4 U offers classes for:

  • Beginners through Intermediates
  • Home and office yoga
  • Chair and Restorative Yoga
  • Hamsa Kriya Breath-work
  • Meditation  (private or group)
  • Partner Yoga classes
  • Private yoga lessons
  • Yoga Therapy (PRYT)
  • Chakra Balancing Classes 
  • Restorative classes with props

Serving  all of  St Louis as well as the West County area  Ballwin, Manchester, Des Peres, Town and Country, Ladue, Frontenac, Chesterfield and Wildwood. With a variety of Classes to choose from, We are sure you'll find times and day's that will work for you....The following three classes may be booked in advance for private or groups.

Yoga therapy 

  • A one on one process. Through assisted postures, focused breathing and non-directed dialogue, clients experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves.

  • What Is Yoga Therapy?

  • As we struggle to keep up with the hectic pace of our busy lives, we may find ourselves looking for simplicity, inner peace, and deeper meaning, for a way to heal our bodies, our spirits, and our lives. Though at times we move to outside sources to guide us, somewhere deep inside we know that we must slow down, reconnect with ourselves, and listen to our own inner voice.

    Yoga Therapy, through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, encourages this deeper connection with  the self. And out of this knowing, we are more easily moved to embrace the opportunity for change, growth and enhanced well being in body, feelings, thought, and spirit.
    A Yoga Therapy session is a one-on-one process lasting one-and-a-half hours. Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, I will guide clients to experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves. Using focused breathing, this connection is held and explored, allowing release, self growth and healing.

Hamsa-Kriya Breath work 

 This a powerful process of breath-work done in a
group setting. Sessions are 2 hours long and include intro to breathing techniques, easy yoga postures and one (1) hour of Hamsa Kriya  Breath-work. Benefits include: Deep relaxation, Releases of blocked emotions, Enhanced relationships, Inner Peace, to name just a few of the emotional changes that can occur.

Meditation Classes
 We have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. That's about 1.2 thoughts every second. You will not stop them---don't even try. They are part of your meditation. It is a sign of being alive. As you begin to meditate on a regular basis, your experience of the silence and stillness between thoughts expands and you connect more deeply to the you that exists beyond those thoughts. You may experience expanded awareness, peace, and many health benefits through guided or still meditations. 

Chair Yoga

Yoga in Chairs is designed to allow almost anyone to participate in a very gentle form of Yoga. It works the joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation. It goes beyond typical exercises in that it encourages quiet reflection, proper breathing, and better posture.
The benefits of this program are remarkable. Students report reduced blood pressure, faster recovery from injury or surgery, better sleep, increased mobility, improved posture and some students have even gained height.
I will endeavor to help you move each muscle and joint. Your joints need to be moved in a gentle consistent way to keep them flexible and strong. The muscle movements will help restore or maintain your strength, flexibility and range of motion.


Suzanne received her Reiki 1 and 2  certificate from the Healing Arts Center, with Tom Tessereau Reiki Master Teacher.
A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.

The basic element of life energy is the essence of this healing practice. Because this is so, Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire for and openness to healing. Culturally, we know little about this element of life energy. It is in the practice of the art, consciously being with this energy, that we learn more and become more aware.
A session is 30-45 mins long fully clothed and laying down. Private sessions in the comfort of your home. 

Contact Suzanne@ (314) 302 0382

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