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Kriya Yoga Breath Work
Bring the joy of breath into every day life!

Kriya Yoga is a powerful process of breath work, which explores the connection between body and mind. To experience this is often described as magical.
This intense breathing allows joy to flow through your entire being.
Kriya yoga is very personal and peoples experiences can be physically and emotionally profound. A few benefits mentioned by those who have participated are as follows:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Inner Peace
  • More Joy and Happiness
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Release of Anger
  • Compassion
  • Release of Blocked Emotions
  • Enhanced Relationships
  • More Attuned to Emotions
  • Heart Opening
  • Forgiveness

This a powerful process of breath-work is done in a group setting. Sessions are 2 hours long and include intro to breathing techniques, easy yoga postures and one (1) hour of Hamsa Kriya  Breath-work. The Kriya is done in a comfortable floor seated position, with props to aid in your comfort.

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