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Hello Yogi's
I would like to thank those of you for your support on our latest journey to Joplin tornado recovery. 
The donations were received, and taken to the Abundant Life church in Joplin.  We actually were the last donors that they were taking any more clothing from. We also took gloves and water which was just a pin head donation compared to all that fortunately was being given.

After checking with the Red Cross as to what, where, and when, as well as FEMA we were guided by our personal angel guides to work with The Abundant Life Church. Every organization is working hard to bring some sense of balance and relief to those stricken by the 45 second tornado that changed life as they knew before. Yet we found this group and off we went. 
We were taken by a van to the town of Dushene (suburb of Joplin and 85% destroyed) and there with about 20-25 others began to clean rubble. It was hot, 30 mph winds and not a single complaint. Food and water was brought to all of us and we just kept diligently working on.
The young people that were there to help was inspiring. Let no one speak of our young men and women as to wrong doing till they see them in working in Joplin.
The destruction is overwhelming and actually difficult to take all of it in, yet we did not come away with despair but hope and admiration for the people of Joplin and all the volunteers. The outreach is unbelievable. The people know they will bring Joplin back and it is that thought to the universe that will make it happen. 

It was a privilege to work there and we will return to help when the time presents itself. This is at least a years project of rehabilitation and restoring and rebuilding.

At this time if you would like more info go to "The city of Joplin" for updates of donations and area of support.
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